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Strategies of transport development were discussed on the second day of the Transport of Russia Forum

A number of industry conferences devoted to transport safety, pricing in transport industry, digital transport and infrastructure development were held on the second day of the 12th Transport of Russia International Forum.

Speakers of the conference “Telematics in Automobile Transport” discussed approaches to road transport management based on digitalization. Maintaining a balance of interests of business and the government was identified as the most important factor in the work with digital technologies. Vladimir Lugovenko, Deputy Director of the Department for State Policy in the field of Automobile and Urban Transport, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, demonstrated efficiency of tachometer in figures: among the vehicles equipped with the device, the number of accidence fell by 4.5% for trucks and by 3.2% for buses. He stressed that tachometer is not a “punitive measure but rather a control tool that will increase drivers’ self-discipline”.  Tachometer tracks the vehicle speed and communicates information on any violations without inspector’s involvement.

Industry conference “Pricing in road transport industry” became a platform for discussion of optimization of the state monitoring system for construction materials and equipment. Another conference, “Transport safety. Network Optimization”, was devoted to transport safety and optimization of expenses and focused on viewing digital technologies as the primary measure to ensure transportation safety.

 Significance of digitalization was also emphasized at the conference “Digital Transport and Logistics”. Thus, Maxim Gall, Deputy Administrator of Project Office for implementation of Digital Economy Program of the Government of the Russian Federation, pointed out that digital development is hard to implement within a limited area, even if it is as big as Russia. That is why the issue of international cooperation remains of present interest. “The industry is moving towards international cooperation. This will give as the potential that we want to see,” he summarized.

Anton Zamkov, CEO, RT-Invest Transport Systems, also spoke at the conference and presented his ideas regarding development of digital transformation of the industry: “Everything is fine both with technologies and regulations. Problems exist with economy of data.”  According to A. Zamkov, the problem with data lies in the use of data inside companies instead of organized data exchange. Data exchange is a prerequisite for establishment of digital corridor, so the first-priority objective of the association is to arrange such environment that will facilitate this exchange.

During the conference “New objectives for development of the infrastructure and ways to achieve them”, participants of the forum “Transport of Russia“ discussed the readiness of the investment market for accomplishment of the objectives under the integrated plan for modernization and expansion of backbone infrastructure in due time. Sergey Kelbakh, Chairman of the Management Board, Avtodor, made the following comments on this issue: “Currently, we are within one budget cycle, so no changes should be expected any time soon. An adjustment is most likely to occur in two years, and material changes may show up by 2020-2022 when the new cycle begins.

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