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Industry conferences of the closing day of the 12th Transport of Russia International Forum and Exhibition

The third, closing day of the 12th Transport of Russia International Forum and Exhibition featured two industry conferences.

The conference “Automation of State Supervision in Transport Sector” organized by Rostransnadzor, touched upon the necessity of implementation of the integrated information support model and the systems of automation of the means of control and supervision.

The speakers of the industry conference “Air transportation. Transition to Russian programs of bookings, reservations and sales” discussed the development of a new ticket booking system and finalization of the currently tested domestic systems. The event was organized by Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya).

In his welcome address at the meeting on automation of state supervision in transport sector, Viktor Basargin, Head of the Federal Agency for Transport Supervision, focused the attention on the importance of the safety monitoring which he described as the key prospect of the industry, and set the goal to establish a global continuous safety monitoring automated system by 2025. “Prevention and transparency are the fundamental basis of our activities. Today, we are working on actual basis, while we need to work on the basis of risk and analysis of data, and avoid accidents”, he said.
Shevket Shaidullin, Vice-President – Head of Security, Traffic Department, Russian Railways, agreed with Viktor Basargin, and presented in his report the cloud of data where factor analysis is considered as the early prevention tool and indicator of traffic safety performance.

Yevgeny Shaburov, Information Technology Director of ZashchitaInfoTrans, highlighted that digitalization, rather than automation, of the industry will critically improve its efficiency due to release of the regions and industry organizations from excessive routine duties.

Yury Sveshnikov, Deputy Public Transport Ombudsman of the Russian Federation , made a comment with regard to document flow. He applied to Viktor Basargin and asked him to provide employees of the Federal Agency for Transport Supervision with access to all necessary systems which will significantly reduce document flow and time consumption required for various procedures.

At the same time, a discussion of transition to Russian programs of bookings, reservations and sales in air carriage was held in another hall of the 12th Transport of Russia International Forum and Exhibition.

Representatives of Russian airlines shared their experience in applying various booking systems and developments in this field. Ruslan Vereshchagin, Director, Corporate Technology Development Department, Siberia Airlines, told the participants about the evolution path in the field of ticket reservation that the company made from simple interline contracts to a comprehensive system of code exchange (code sharing), and shared the practice of application of foreign booking systems.

Discussing the problems of the industry, Dmitry Gorbatov, Vice President for Sales, Ural Airlines, laid emphasis on the lack of activities in the framework of the industry alliance as the major drawback of the system. Yevgeny Charkin, Chief Information Officer of Russian Railways, added that establishment of the unified digital platform would enable elimination of these drawbacks.

Yevgeny Charkin, described in detail “Express-3” system that constitutes a unified intergovernmental system of seat reservation, ticket sale and passenger carriage management used by Russian Railways. “It is not only the basic system of ticket sale, but also an accounting system. It is the core of our work with passengers,” Yevgeny Charkin stated. He also added that the company aims to provide the customer with an opportunity to ensure door-to-door delivery with the privileged use of railway transport, sets the goal to free itself entirely from dependence on imports and is ready for exchange of technologies with its colleagues.

The official website of the event: transweek.ru/2018/en/
Organizer: Business Dialogue
Co-Organizer: The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

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