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Gostiny Dvor hosted Coordinating transport meeting of the CIS member states

Ministries of transport, heads of transport authorities of the Commonwealth's member states gathered on the third day of the 12th Transport of Russia International Forum and Exhibition to discuss maritime, road and inland water transport regulation.

Yevgeny Dietrich, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, opened the coordination meeting. He welcomed the participants and highlighted the unifying function of transport: “Transport in its essence is all about innovations.” The Minister of Transport defined the priorities of activities of the participants in the Coordinating transport meeting (CTM). They include: enhancement of transportation services; promotion of the conditions to ensure the growth of the transport potential of the Commonwealth; removal of the barriers existing on the market of international transportation; implementation of digitalization technologies; regulatory framework improvement; improvement of existing agreements and elaboration of new ones. The main goal of CIS CTM is to facilitate establishment of the common transport environment of the CIS member states.

Yevgeny Dietrich’s speech was followed by the award ceremony. Awards for significant contribution in the strengthening and development of cooperation in the transport industry of the CIS countries were given to: Alexey Bakirey, Director, Department of State Policy in the field of Automobile and Urban Transport, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation; Yulia Zvorykina, Head of Research Innovation Center of CIS CTM Executive Committee; Sergey Kondratyev, Rector of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University; Yury Kostin, Director of the Department for State Policy in Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Ministry of Transport; Zhanibek Tayzhanov, Director of the Department for Economic Integration of the Ministry of Investment and Development, Kazakhstan.

Alexander Davydenko, Deputy Chairman of CIS CTM, Chairman of CIS CTM Executive Committee, presented the report on the performance of CIS CTM Executive Committee in 2018. Based on successful work of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of CIS CTM Executive Committee, it was resolved to extend their authority for the following year.

Alexey Bakerey presented the report of the Council on the Automobile and Urban Passenger Transport. Alexey Semenov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, reported on the progress of implementing the events on the establishment of the Digital Platform of the Transport Complex of the Russian Federation in the framework of the meeting.

Dmitry Cheltsov, Head of the Standing Representative Office of the International Automobile Transport Union in Eurasia, presented the results of monitoring of international automobile carriage in the Central Asia performed by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). The following conclusions were announced: the necessity of development and approval of national programs aimed at rolling stock renewal; development of a multilateral agreed decision on the bus carriage in the region; harmonized approach in the admission to the market and training of personnel for the industry; expansion of the use of Internet technologies in the industry and their advanced legal regulation.

Sergey Vasilyev, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Transport Supervision, suggested that in the first instance the demand should be analyzed and compared with the abilities of infrastructure: “This will help to identify the areas that need allocation of budget funds”.

Participants of the Coordinating transport meeting discussed establishment of the common digital economy environment – the Russian Ministry of Transport undertook the responsibility for the development of such environment by elaboration of the project “Digital transport logistics” that currently awaits its implementation.

The meeting was concluded by the award system for the winners of the English Language Olympiad among the students of transport universities of the CIS member states.

It was resolved to hold the next CTM meeting at the forum “Transport of Russia”.

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Organizer: Business Dialogue
Co-Organizer: The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

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