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Avtodor State Company held an industry conference within the forum “Transport of Russia“

Within the forum “Transport of Russia”,  Avtodor State Company organized an industry conference entitled “Improving the Pricing System in the Road Sector: Highlighting and Addressing Relevant Issues”.

Industry experts - CEOs and senior executives of construction companies - summed up the preliminary results of the introduction of a new budget and regulatory framework in 2017, discussed the state information pricing system in construction industry, and reached a common ground as to the need of the federal and industry costing standards framework to be harmonized.

In particular, Alexander Bukhtoyarov, Head of R&D and Information Support Department of the Federal Road Agency, noted: “Improving economic efficiency is our direct target; in 2015 - 2016, we developed new costing standards, and in 2017 continued the process of their adaptation and update.”

Olga Dashkova, Deputy Director of the Urban Development and Architecture Department of the Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, said that the economic effectiveness criterion became mandatory in construction projects design, and state budgetary organizations must use cost-effective documentation.”

The participants also talked about the fact that the industry is on the threshold of transition to the input method, and it is very important to assess the value of a capital construction project not only at the construction stage, but also at other life-cycle stages.

The meeting was moderated by Igor Zubarev, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Technical Policy, Avtodor State Company and Elena Kuleva, Deputy Director, Department of Design, Technical Policy and Innovative Technologies, Avtodor State Company.

Avtodor State Company held an industry conference within  the forum “Transport of Russia“

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