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Russian Maritime Register of Shipping  (RS) – one of the leading classification societies in the world – was established on 31 December 1913.

The RS mission is to promote ensuring of safe navigation, safety of life at sea, safe carriage of goods and environmental protection.

RS is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). Over 90 per cent of the world merchant fleet come under the rules developed by the IACS members. Four times RS chaired IACS, for the last time in 2011-2012.

A century long experience in surveying sophisticated ships and offshore facilities,  1500 employees (900 of them being surveyors) and 52 offices worldwide  enable RS to ensure the full range of high quality classification services rendered promptly and safely in any region.

The RS-classed fleet comprises approximately 5000 ships of various purposes, including cutting edge oil tankers, bulk carriers, containerships and LNG carriers.

RS is the global leader in the development of ice class requirements. A significant share of the ships under construction to the RS class are ice-reinforced.
RS is the only classification society in the world to have civil nuclear-powered ships in its class.

The high quality of the RS ship survey services is systematically confirmed by audit results of maritime administrations that have authorised RS to perform survey and issue relevant documents to ships as well as by annual port state control assessment of the recognised organisations.

RS is recognised by the EU, maritime administrations of 70 flag states. RS is an associate member of INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO and BIMCO.



FSUE Rosmorport is a backbone enterprise of a port sector established in 2003 in order to contribute to the development of the state management system in the seaports of Russia.

The enterprise consists of its headquarters and 16 branches located in 24 regions of the Russian Federation where over 8 thousand workers are employed.

The enterprise’s major tasks are providing navigation safety in the seaports and at the approaches, port infrastructure development and ensuring higher competitiveness of the Russian seaports by means of effective use and development of the federal property.

FSUE Rosmorport is the biggest title owner in Russia of the coastal and port infrastructure facilities, auxiliary and diesel icebreaker fleet.

A fleet of 36 icebreakers of different capacity and types, the biggest one in the world, is in the enterprise’s economical management. Annually the FSUE Rosmorport icebreakers perform about 10 thousand ice escorts providing carriage of more than 70 million tons of cargo by the transport fleet and the year-round availability of the seaports of Russia.

Further development of the Russian port capacity, according to FSUE Rosmorport, will be promoted by approving of the Strategy of development of sea port infrastructure of Russia up to 2030, the project of which has been drafted by FSUE Rosmorport and is currently under consideration of the Government of Russia.

The enterprise’s investment program includes measures for the development of the fleet, waterworks and facilities ensuring navigation and transport safety.

More than ten-year experience of successful implementation of investment projects of various complexity characterizes FSUE Rosmorport as a stable and reliable partner for private investors.



JSC Russian Railways is one of the world’s largest rail corporations. It handles colossal volumes of passenger and freight traffic; it’s been awarded the highest financial rating plaudits; its staff are the most exceptionally-qualified experts in all spheres of rail transport; it can call upon an impressive range of scientific and technical resources; and alongside its extensive ongoing building and development plans, it has great experience in international cooperation.

The company’s mission lies in meeting market demands for transportation, increasing the efficiency of its operations, maintaining high-quality services and deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems.

The company’s core objectives lie in catering to the State’s, businesses’ and individuals’ transportation needs; providing works and services conducted by rail; and ensuring that its operations are profitable. 

The company’s strategic goals are - 

  • expanding the scale of the transport business;
  • improving the company’s performance and financial efficiency;
  • raising service and security standards;
  • deep-level integration in Eurasian transport systems;
  • increasing the company’s financial results and economic performance.


Chernozemye LLC

Chernozemye LLC has been engaged in road building and repair, roads and bridges maintenance, sign-posting, facilities repair and construction in Kaluga and Tambov regions for more than 20 years.

It holds a work admission certificate for conducting works that have impact on facilities construction safety. The certificate was issued by SRO Non-Commercial Partnership “Association of builders of Kaluga region”.

The enterprise employs 280 people, most of them are highly skilled professionals with a great practical expertise.

Currently, the company has a production base on the territory of Kaluga region, equipped with everything necessary for performance of work, in particular, its road-building machinery and motor transport fleet boasts more than 180 units and is constantly renewed, with a priority purchase of advanced foreign-made equipment to ensure the superior quality of the works performed. The production base is located within the city limits on the right bank of the Oka river. It has repair workshops for road building machinery and also hosts the administrative and management unit of Chernozemye LLC. This provides all the necessary conditions for implementing significant amounts of road construction and landscaping work.

The company also has a modern certified construction laboratory that allows to monitor various types of construction work (on the soil or the base of sand, gravel, asphalt concrete).


JSC "Oreldorstroy" is a company with 75 year experience in building, reconstructing and full repair of the motor roads and the airfields. It carries out a whole complex of the road building  ranging from the road planning to commissioning the facility.

Having its own production capacities, progressive service yard, mobile factories, certified laboratories and the experienced staff all together provide an opportunity to fulfill the performance targets to an accomplished standard and on time.

Nowadays JSC "Oreldorstroy" is a significant General contractor of the Federal Road Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation at the federal and regional highways of the Central Federal District.

Research and practical activity of JSC "Oreldorstroy" in the field of the technology of the road construction includes three basic directions: preparing mixtures of the treated materials and arranging them as a road bed; preparing concrete mixtures and arranging cement concrete covering; preparing asphalt concrete mixtures and arranging asphalt concrete covering.


LLC, Northern Capital Highway (NCH)
The consortium, established by VTB and Gazprombank, is implementing the Public-Private Partnership Agreement with Saint-Petersburg.

NCH attracted funding for construction of the Central Part of the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD), unique urban highway, which made it possible to drive through 5-million megalopolis in 19 minutes, providing solution to the main transport concerns of Saint-Petersburg and defining development of St. Petersburg as a major transportation hub on a world level .

NCH operates WHSD under the 30 years Concession.

The unique objects were created within the Project, including the longest bridge constructions in Russia: the Southern Flyover of the main road route over the Sea Channel and Korabelny Fairway – 9,4 km and the Northern Flyover of the main road route over the Petrovsky Channel and Elagin Fairway–  8,8 km.
The Project was honored with the mainstream economic press awards, «Formula Dvizheniya» Award – The best Infrastructure project – 2014 and «The Development Award» – The best Infrastructure project – 2015.


JSC “Western High-Speed ​​Diameter” was incorporated purposefully to implement the municipal investment project for construction of the highway “Western High-Speed ​​Diameter” in St. Petersburg.

Western High-Speed ​​Diameter (WHSD) is a strategic investment project for St. Petersburg that contributes to its development as a major internationally recognized transportation hub, being one of the main directions for addressing the city's transport problem. The highway achieves the most important federal task of complete transport support of the Sea Port of St. Petersburg and also allows bringing freight transport to federal roads. As an alternative to the overloaded urban roadway network, WHSD creates the shortest round-the-clock communication between the southern, central and northern regions of St. Petersburg.


Russia’s largest shipping company. The company’s fleet includes 149 vessels with a combined deadweight of over 13 million tonnes. Global leader in the maritime transportation of hydrocarbons, as well as the servicing and support of offshore exploration and oil & gas production.

Participant in large oil and gas projects in Russia and abroad: Sakhalin-1; Sakhalin-2; Varandey; Prirazlomnoye; Novy Port; Yamal LNG; Tangguh; Peregrino.

The world’s leading operator of a fleet designed for extreme navigational conditions:  50% of the fleet is ice class, 10% of vessels have a DAT capability.

Main charterers comprise largest Russian and international oil & gas companies.

Absolute leader among the operators of Arctic shuttle tankers and Aframax tankers, leading operator of ice-class LNG tankers.

A wide geographical footprint: SCF’s vessels make calls at more than 100 ports on five continents  daily. Offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, London, Dubai and Limassol.


The purpose of Russian River Register (RRR) activity is the performance of kinds of work (rendering services) aimed at ensuring technical safety of inland and river-sea navigation ships, protection of life and health of the passengers and ship crews, safety of the cargoes transported on ships, prevention of pollution from ships.

RRR carries out classification of inland and river-sea navigation ships with issuance of the relevant certificates, hereat:

  • carries out technical supervision over the observance of its Rules in designing, construction, renewal, conversion, modernization, repair and operation of ships, manufacture of materials and products, carries out surveys of organizations performing the aforementioned kinds of work with issuance of the relevant documents;
  • carries out survey of ships in service with issuance of relevant documents;
  • carries out survey of ships classed by other classification societies in case they enter inland navigation waterways of the Russian Federation according to the established order;
  • performs project documentation development, calculations, certification of products, work, services, quality management systems, , verification of safety and pollution prevention management systems according to the order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

RRR consists of the Head Office and 14 Branch Offices located on the territory of the Russian Federation. 22,5 thousand vessels are registered and classed by RRR. RRR cooperates on bilateral basis with 19 foreign classification societies and organizations on the issues of maritime safety and safety on inland waterways.


Aeroflot is Russia’s leading airline and a member of SkyTeam global airline alliance.

Aeroflot is the world’s strongest airline brand and the most recognized brand in Russia, according to Brand Finance – the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. Today, Aeroflot is an airline with an excellent safety record, operational reliability and one of the world’s youngest fleets.

Aeroflot has a reputation for industry leading customer service. In 2016 it was certified with the 4-Star Airline Rating by Skytrax, the leading independent authority on airline quality. It has also six times been named Best Airline in Eastern Europe at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. This year Aeroflot won two key nominations – “Europe’s Leading Airline Brand” and “Europe’s Leading Airline – Business Class” – at the prestigious World Travel Awards and was recognized as a Five Star Global Airline in the Official Airline Ratings™ by APEX – a US organization committed to elevating the level of passenger experience. 


Congress Partner

Joint Stock Company “GLONASS” is a federal operator of telematics services and geodata that possesses a unique highly reliable network infrastructure including:

  • Full MVNO communication network ensuring GSM signal maximum coverage area (with our own number capacity);
  • Navigation and information platform with the ability to provide various of services;
  • Contact center, operating 24/7;
  • Subsystem that collects and processes information coming from devices in an uncorrected form.

Having a large technological reserve, JSC “GLONASS” creates new products and services for a wide range of consumers and also performs as a techno basis for rendering services to end users.


Official Bank-Sponsor

VTB Group is a global provider of financial services, comprised of over 20 credit institutions and financial companies operating across all key areas of the financial markets. VTB Group is a holding company with one strategically aligned development model, including centralised financial and risk management, and integrated compliance systems. VTB Group’s global network is unique to the Russian banking industry. VTB Group operates a large international network across CIS countries; Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. VTB also has banks in Austria, Germany and France which are part of a European sub-holding with VTB Bank (Austria) acting as the parent bank for Germany and France. The Group also has subsidiary and affiliated banks in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Serbia, Georgia and Angola and branches in China and India and VTB Capital has branches in Singapore and Dubai. The majority shareholder of the VTB Bank is the Russian Government, which owns 60.9 percent of the voting shares.


Business Breakfast Partner

VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business

VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business is a leader in the international investment banking sector in Russia.
Because of the bank’s integrated corporate and investment business matrix, VTB’s clients benefit from efficient coordination between the Group’s various divisions.
VTB Capital has achieved significant results since it was founded in 2008 and has carved out a reputation of a reliable business partner for clients from around  the world.
The company offers a wide range of services on both the Russian and international capital markets.
VTB Capital has taken part in more than 740 ECM and DCM deals, which have attracted in excess of USD 260bn worth of investments into Russia and the CIS.
For the first time in the history of investment banking, a Russian institution, VTB Capital, now stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s largest international financial corporations.

According to the league tables by Dealogic, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, VTB Capital was one of the top three Investment Banks in the CEE since 2009.
The Best Investment Bank in Russia by Euromoney, Global Finance, Finance Monthly and EMEA Finance on an annual basis
2015: #1 research team  in the Extel
2011-2015: top-3 research team by Institutional Investor All-Russia Investor Survey
2011-2016: the Best Equities Sales and Trading firm in Russia by Institutional Investor All-Russia Survey and Extel Survey

VTB Capital operates in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sofia, New York, Zug, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, with headquarters in Moscow.




JSC "VAD" is the largest road-building organization in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation. The company performs all types of work in the construction, reconstruction, overhaul and current repair of motor roads of all technical categories and flying fields airports. Performs the functions of a General contractor.

The specialists of JSC "VAD" built hundreds of kilometers of new roads in the Republic of Karelia, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Leningrad and Yaroslavl regions, the Republic of Crimea, which became high-speed highways, providing convenient travel from Central Russia to the North and from the border to the Urals. Each year, the efforts of the enterprise performed repair over 100 kilometers of Federal and regional highways.


AO "Trud" ("Trud", JSC) is one of the largest general contractors in the system of Rosavtodor and among the top ten constructors of the country. 17 branches of the company are operating in six regions of Russia from Moscow to the Kuril Islands.

There are more than 2250 kilometers of federal, regional and local roads throughout Russia at the company`s account.

 AO "Trud" is an initiator of innovative technologies implementation in road construction under conditions of extreme continental climate and permafrost.

The company employs more than 2,200 people. AO "Trud" closely works with universities, colleges and employment centers. There is an educational center for training and retraining of specialists established on the enterprise. For many years a vocational training of young specialists has been successfully hold by the company. For several times AO "Trud" was recognized as the best employer in the Irkutsk region.

Almost throughout the whole history of the company it confirms the status of "Best contracting organization" of Russian contracting organizations association. In 2009 the company was honored with a national award of the transport industry "Zolotaya kolesnitsa" for its outstanding work.

The company's main goal is to be a road construction quality leader in the certain region. AO "Trud" is ready to participate in a construction of large projects in any region of Russia.



AVTOBAN, JSC performs the following works:

  • Full complex of works on construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of highways, including the highways of the first technical category of federal significance;
  • Construction of bridge structures;
  • Industrial-civil construction, including the format of PPP;
  • Full complex of design and survey works;
  • Engineering.

The company has a staff of 5,000 employees and a road-building machinery fleet of 1,200 units.

The company is one of the largest general contractors of the State Company "Avtodor" and FDA of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, performing construction works in 15 constituent entities of 5 federal districts of the Russian Federation. These include dozens of projects implemented on the federal highways M-4 Don, M-3 Ukraine, M-7 Volga, M-8 Kholmogory, M-1 Belarus, M-5 Ural , M-2 "Crimea", and some in Western Siberia.

AVTOBAN participates in the development of the PPP market at the federal and regional levels, as an investor and operator in the construction and maintenance of toll roads.

AVTOBAN has repeatedly been recognized as a laureate of industry awards and competitions. According to the rating agency "Expert" it is one of the 400 largest companies in Russia.


Mostotrest is a major, diversified infrastructure construction company in Russia, a participant of the first public-private partnership projects. The company was established in 1930. Mostotrest’s core competences include construction and reconstruction of bridges, roads, airfiels and other transport infrastructure facilities; provision of road maintenance, repair and operating services; management of road concessions. Mostotrest comprises 15 branches and 5 companies - Transstroymekhanisatsiya LLC, JSC Mostotrest-Service, North-West Concession Company LLC, United Toll Systems LLC, and JSC Mostostroy-11. Mostotrest Group average headcount is more than 30,000 people. According to EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, in 2016 Mostotrest held a 14.6% share of the total Russian transport infrastructure construction market.


BRIZ-West LLC is engaged in integrated road facilities construction. This includes all presently existing types of road surface marking, informative road signs manufacture and installation, coordinated traffic lights installation and maintenance, and signal control issues. Our company slogan is “Your safety is our priority”.

BRIZ-West was established in 2008 as a member of BRIZ group of companies. Company’s own line marking facilities ensure prompt road surface marking with all the possible materials. Company experts are continuously monitoring and implementing innovations of the road construction industry. The company is located in Altay Region and operates both within and outside the territory.


EVRAZ is a vertically integrated steel and mining business with operations in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan and South Africa. One of the top steelmaking companies in the world, EVRAZ is the leading producer of railway products in Russia and CIS.

EVRAZ facilities have been producing rails since 1932. In 2013 the company launched production of head-hardened rails matching the quality of the best international benchmarks. These rails have extended life cycle and ensure highest safety and comfort for the passengers.

EVRAZ product portfolio comprises all types of rails, including high-speed rails intended for mixed traffic with no analogues in the world. Low-temperature rails are another unique product which can be used in the territories with temperatures down to - 70°C. EVRAZ rails are also successful in hot climate, for instance in the deserts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with temperatures up to 50°C.

EVRAZ’s wide product portfolio also includes about 40 types of wheels for freight cars and locomotive wheels, innovative tires and railcar building shapes.


LLC «RUSENERGOSBYT» was established in 2002 and now it’s one of the largest energy supply companies operating in the Russian Federation.  The shareholders are the European energy concern ENEL and the Russian group ESN.

In 2017 the Company celebrates the fifteenth anniversary from the day of its foundation. During this time "RUSENERGOSBYT" has undergone a transformation, having turned from a small company into a leading supplier of electricity throughout the territory of Russian Federation. In many respects it became possible through the application of best practices of ENEL under the specifics of the Russian electricity market.

«RUSENERGOSBYT» supplies electricity to more than 60 regions from Kaliningrad to the Far East. The structure of the company includes 9 branches and the central office in Moscow.

Client portfolio of «RUSENERGOSBYT» consists of more than 100 thousand customers. Among «RUSENERGOSBYT» key clients – JSC Russian Railways, JSC KAMAZ, GAZ Group, OJSC SOLLERS, Air Liquide Group.  Annual volume of sales exceeds 50 bln kWh.

The wide range of activities, professionalism of employees and years of experience in developing of complex projects let us provide an individual approach to client’s needs, choosing the best way of collaboration with the consumer. Priority task «RUSENERGOSBYT» team is providing a full range of services to clients: from individual calculation of the consumption volume to the full contract maintenance.


High-Tech Partner

CJSC Transmashholding is the biggest Russian company in the transport engineering industry, the world’s leader in railway engineering in actual volume of production. It manufactures metro cars, trams, DMU’s and EMU’s, passenger cars and freight wagons, locomotives, diesel engines for different purposes, car casting. TMH performs repair of electric multiple units, diesel multiple units, passenger cars and metro cars.


Conference sponsor

Russian Highways State Company was founded in 2009 with the purpose to form and develop the national network of highways and motorways, attract private funding to road infrastructure projects, establish new markets and forms of economic activity in Russia.

Avtodor performs concession agreements and other PPP projects in the road sector, provides design, construction and operation of highways and motorways, development of roadside facilities including service areas as well as implements innovative programs in the road industry.

Highways and motorways under management: M-1 Belarus, M-4 Don, M-3 Ukraine, M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg, Central Ring Road in Moscow region.


Photo Exhibition Sponsor

"Port Management Company" LLC is a leading company managing the largest coal ports in Russia.

Port Management Company is the sole executive body of the Russian largest coal terminals, which are located in the Russian Far East — JSC "Vostochny Port" and in the Russian North West — JSC "Rosterminalugol".

In 2016 the total throughput of the specialized terminals under the control of Port Management Company exceeded 41, 5 million tons, which is more than one third of Russian seaborne coal export.

Port Management Company is focusing on:

  • increase in the profitability of port business by providing access to the sea gates of Russia for small, medium and large coal companies,
  • modernization of port equipment,
  • development of innovative technologies,
  • introduction of specialized modern methods of coal handling for the competitiveness of the Russian port industry.

Introduction of internationally recognized standards of quality management and environment management systems is a top priority of Port Management Company as they guarantee comprehensive implementation of environment protection measures.


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OJSC Novosibirskavtodor is one of the leading road construction companies in the Russian Federation, whose history dates back to 1926.

The company offers a full range of road and utility infrastructure services, including design, construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance.

The company has 12 production branches: 11 regional road construction and repair departments, and one branch specializing in the road construction in the Novosibirsk Region.

The company’s projects cover 16 regions in three federal districts of the Russian Federation: Siberian, Ural and Far Eastern. OJSC Novosibirskavtodor provides road construction and maintenance services in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk regions. In other regions, the company is represented by its subsidiaries: JSC Yeniseiavtodor in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kemerovo Region, Tomsk Region, Khabarovsk Territory, and the Republic of Khakassia; and JSC Uralavtodor in the Ural Federal District (Kurgan Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Tyumen Region, Chelyabinsk Region, and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug).

Novosibirskavtodor Today:

- over 2,600 thousand highly skilled employees;

- over 3,000 modern machines;

- over 400 km of roads constructed, overhauled, repaired and reconstructed annually;

- over 11,000 km of roads under maintenance;

- production of over one million tonnes of asphalt concrete mixture and 150,000 tonnes of cement concrete mixture per year.

Novosibirskavtodor declared the following priority areas of development until 2020: to strengthen its positions in the regions of presence, to expand the geography, to diversify the portfolio of orders (in terms of both customer levels and services), to maintain the high professional level of employees, and to improve the quality of services.

One of the company’s key objectives is to develop its competence in public-private partnership (PPP) projects, including those where it acts as concessionaire (design, financing, construction, reconstruction, and maintenance). Novosibirskavtodor is willing to successfully implement PPP-based projects with capital expenditures of 5 billion rubles and more, while ensuring the highest level of quality and meeting deadlines.


NCSP Group is the largest port operator in Russia, which accounts for some 20% of the total cargo traffic at Russian seaports, and one of the leading stevedoring operators in Europe by volumes.

NCSP Group provides stevedoring and logistic services at Russia’s largest seaport Novorossiysk on the Black Sea, and at its’ second largest port of Primorsk on the Baltic Sea, as well as at the Port of Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad Region.

NCSP Group operates multifaceted terminal, which are able to transship all types of seaborne cargo – liquid, bulk, general, and containers.

NCSP Group volumes in 2016 totaled 147 million tons. Consolidated revenue to IFRS in 2016 totaled $865.5 million and EBITDA $675.5 million.

NCSP Group consists of: PJSC Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, Primorsk Trade Port LLC, Novorossiysk Grain Terminal LLC, OJSC Novorossiysk Ship Repair Yard, JSC NCSP Fleet, JSC NLE, OJSC IPP, Baltic Stevedore Company LLC, JSC SFP.

NCSP Group is traded on Moscow Exchange (NMTP) and London Stock Exchange as GDRs (NCSP).


PJSC TransContainer is the largest Russian container operator, which owns 42 terminals in all freight hubs of Russia, 19 railway terminals in Kazakhstan and operates Dobra container terminal located on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. The Company's sales network includes more than 112 sales offices in Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. PJSC TransContainer is the largest owner of specialized rolling stock fleet in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. The Company has a unique experience of efficient operation of wagon and container fleet on more than 300,000 routes in Russia and abroad.

As part of the development of Internet sales of PJSC TransContainer, an iSales service was developed, which allows the customer to arrange the transport of goods in containers on-line, self-assess the cost of services, monitor the status of execution of the order and disposition of the container, review the archive of orders executed in his account. This service allows paying by credit card for the ordered services.


MORSVIAZPUTNIK is a national operator of INMARSAT mobile satellite communication system on the territory of the Russian Federation, an international accounting authority with identifying number AAIC=SU-04, the Customer Registration Center, the distribution partner of Iridium and Thuraya communication services.

MORSVIAZPUTNIK being at the forefront of mobile satellite service in Russia for more than 40 years offers a full portfolio of communications and navigation services and products for maritime, land and aviation markets. Being a part of the Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport of the Ministry of Russian Federation (Rosmorrechflot) MORSVIAZSPUTNIK implements a number of state and national projects.


United Wagon Company is the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm gauge area. The holding includes Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, TikhvinСhemMash, TikhvinSpetsMash, NPC Springs, Tihvin Assembly Plant “Titran-Express”, transportation company UNICON 1520 and leasing companies under the brand of RAIL1520. All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology is responsible for the holding’s research and engineering activities. RPC UWC’s service network includes 6 training and more than 60 service centres operating at railcar repair depots in the CIS and the Baltic States.