Helicopter Forum – 2012

7 of December 2012, Moscow
Moscow Aviation Institute, Palace of Сulture

Forum theme: “Helicopter industry in economy of Russia”

Helicopter industry is a producer as well as consumer of goods and services and, first of all, in high technologies market niche, creating working places in a wide variety of economy sectors, facilitating high technologies development increasing economic strength and prestige  of the country.  In other words, the helicopter industry progress improves the number of qualitative and quantitative economic indicators and that progress will be impossible without clear understanding of interconnections of helicopter industry with the whole country economy. So the V-th Helicopter Forum is targeted on system aspects and questions of helicopter industry development such as:

  • Improvement of tax system;
  • Optimization of custom duties – to take  into consideration  interests not only of helicopter producers, but operators, because they are making valuable contribution in gross national product and taxes budget, creating a number of working places over the country;
  • General Aviation development – as a source of personnel for commercial aviation and as a catalyst for small and medium businesses development;
  • Small and medium-sized businesses promoting by developing and optimization of certification and licensing system for medium and heavy helicopters design and production, including production of components, ground-based equipment and tools.
  • Legislation development and optimization, especially for operation of heavy helicopters (MIi-26, MI-8, KA-32), because this kind of aviation business has low profit rate and constant financial risks, but serves today as main for transport needs of oil industry, which is critically important economic sector for country income;
  • Support and development of MI-8T helicopter as the main kind of transport for oil and gas industries;
  • Система GPWS – analysis of first results of use. Legislation developing and optimization of regulations for installation, operation on helicopters and ground data base formation;
  • Helipad network development. The integration of helicopter sport in the transport system is an objective need for economic development, so there is a need to generate differentiated approach and ideology to form heliport network, based on specific needs of different regions;
  • Operational maintenance implementation by helicopter crew – to adjust the operation and technical manual for helicopters manufactured in Russia accordance with FAR- 128 and FAR-147;
  • Creating conditions for young aviation professionals to attract them on work in long-distance regions;
  • FAR-249 development – for proper certification there is a need to develop clear definitions of aviation works, as well as clear procedures and rules for passengers transportation on helicopters.


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