IV Russian Spartakiad Games of Transport University Students 

IV Spartakiad Games of Transport University Students are held to create conditions for the physical and spiritual development of students and youth as well as to preserve and advance the Spartakiad movement.

Spartakiad goals

  • to engage Russian transport university students in regular physical exercise and sport and create a healthy lifestyle
  • to share experience in physical training and sport
  • to preserve sport traditions

The Russian Ministry of Transport is in charge of managing the Spartakiad Games.

The Organising Committee for Preparing and Holding the Spartakiad Games and the different sports judges are directly responsible for conducting the Spartakiad Games.

The system for holding the competitions is determined by the Main Panel of Judges for each sport.

The Spartakiad Games programme includes the following sports:

  • chess
  • swimming
  • volleyball
  • table tennis
  • indoor football
  • basketball

Young men and women who are full-time students of higher transport educational institutions and have submitted a preliminary application are permitted to participate in the Spartakiad Games.

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