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Vector logotypes of the Transport Week - 2016 (pdf)
Vector logotypes of the 10th Anniversary International Forum and Exhibition Transport of Russia (pdf)

Since 2007, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has organized and held the "Transport of Russia" International Forum&Exhibition attended by representatives of state authorities, major Russian enterprises and companies, as well as foreign businesses. Annually, over 2,000 delegates from Russia and 25 countries from near and far abroad participate in this key industry event bringing together representatives of all transportation sectors with no exception. Leading companies in the transport industry, including transport engineering, freight and passenger traffic, construction of transport infrastructure, information technologies and communication, present their innovative products in an exhibition space of 11,500 square meters.

The program of the Forum includes conferences on development and functioning of road, air, rail, sea and river transport. As for the exhibition, it showcases the achievements of the transport sector. The events are of strategic importance for the transport sector, as they determine the vector of further development of this industry. Dozens of agreements and a number of strategic documents, including the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2030, Memorandum on cooperation in organization of road traffic between the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the European Commission, agreements on the creation of port special economic zones in several regions of the Russian Federation, and others, have been signed over the years.

Each year, the "Transport of Russia" international forum and exhibition are accompanied by socially significant and other business-related events that go beyond the scope of the forum and aim at facilitating the growth and development of young professionals, implementation of highly efficient projects and adoption of best international practices in the transport sector. Currently, there are around 30 events, including:

  • Coordination transport meeting of the CIS member states;
  • International Congress "Organization of road traffic in the Russian Federation" that discusses projects providing solutions to transport problems in Russian cities and towns on the basis of best international practices;
  • Transport Education Forum;
  • Forum "Young Scientists of the Transport Industry";
  • Business breakfast by Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation;
  • Conference on sea and inland water transport;
  • Conference on air transport and airport infrastructure;
  • Conference on rail transport;
  • Conference on road transport;
  • All-Russian Spartakiad Games of Transport University Students to demonstrate good physical fitness of the younger generation, and All-Russian Art Festival of Transport University Students "TranspART" that annually bring together over 30 teams of 19 transport universities of Russia;

The number of events and participants that grows year by year became the decisive factor for integration of the largest and most significants events of the industry into a single format, Transport Week.

Events of the Transport Week have been held in different venues across Moscow since 2009. Experience has proven this solution to be optimal in terms of minimizing travel expenses for staff members of Russian executive authorities, and convenient for participants of the exhibition, whose head offices are mostly located in Moscow, which also optimizes the costs of transportation of exhibits and stand structures.

On the other hand, heads and representatives of regional authorities who come to Moscow to take part in the Transport Week have an opportunity to arrange for meetings both at the event venue and outside.

Business Dialogue Logotype

Business Dialogue is a national event operator specialising in organising and holding business events.

Since 2005, the company has run both local (over 100 participants) and large–scale (over 1,000 participants) multi-industry projects for leading Russian and international companies, public organisations and government agencies.

Business Dialogue’s portfolio includes over 100 forums and conferences and over 70 exhibitions.

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