November 18, 2009
Dom Soyuzov, Column Hall
Scientific and Practical Conference
Transport Education and Science. Experience, Problems, Prospects

9.00 – 10.50



The ceremony of the award of the faculties of the transport schools with the anniversary signs. Photo session with the award winners

11.00 – 12.45

Plenary session

12.45 – 14.00


14.00 – 16.15

Speeches of conference participants

16.15 – 17.00


17.00 – 19.00

Festive concert of prize winners of All-Russia transport student creative festival “TranspArt-2009”

November 19, 2009
Renaissance Moscow Hotel

08.30 - 10.00


10.00 - 12.30

Conference №1
Highways – investments into the future

Moderators: Igor Morzharetto, Deputy Editor-in-chief, “Za rulem” magazine
Tatiana Panina, Head of Department, “Russian Newspaper”

State Role in the Development of Highway Networks:

  • state as the main investor and regulator
  • state and investment expenditures till 2015: conditions and prospects with regard to the current economic situation
  • changing current legislation
  • technical regulation as an instrument of competition and innovation development within the road sector  
  • state contracts: life cycle contracts, responsibility, guarantees, quality  
  • long-term development plans


  • Anatoly Chabunin, Head of Federal Highway Agency
  • Martin Shakkum, Head of Committee for Construction and Land Management,  State Duma
  • Mikhail Delyagin, Director, Institute of Problems of Globalization
  • Alexander Solodkiy, General Director, Research and Design Institute of Regional Development and Transportation (RDIRDT)

Role of business and self-regulating organizations in autoroads development:

  • evaluation of current conditions and necessity of their creation;
  • state-private partnership, including concession agreement;
  • roads of the future;
  • Sergey Fakhretdinov, Member of General Council, All-Russia Public Organization  “Delovaya Rossiya”, Head of “Quality of Russian Roads” Project
  • Vyacheslav Lysakov, Chairman of Coordinating Council, Interregional Public Organization of Motorists “Freedom of Choice”; Member of Public Council, Russian Agency for Highways
  • Oleg Skvortsov, President, Association of Design and Research Organizations “RODOS”
  • Leonid Khvoinsky, General Director, NP Inter-regional Association of Road Builders “SOYZDORSTROY”

World experience of autoroads development

  • Ivan Hlavon, Head of Department, Slovak Roads Administration
  • Vincent Piron, Director for Strategy and Investments, Vinci

Summing up

  • Oleg Belozerov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

10.00 - 12.30

Conference №2
Investment attractiveness of maritime and river transport of the Russian Federation

Moderator:Olga Fialkina, Head of SeaNews Information Agency

General Issues

Most promising investment projects of maritime and river transport of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Davydenko, Head, Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • Navigation safety – essential condition of investment attractiveness of water transport
    Alexey Klyavin, Director, Department of State Policy of Maritime and River Transport of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • Project investment under the conditions of liquidity crisis: how to attract low-cost and long-term funds into water transport projects? 
    Igor Dergunov, Chairman of Board, Maritime Bank
  • Mechanisms of state-private partnership programs realization. SPP potential as a form of transport infrastructure investment

Infrastructure Investment

  • Investment into infrastructure of commercial sea port of Novorossiysk and prospects of increase of transport potential of the port
    Igor Vilinov, General Director, Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port
  • Investments into the port infrastructure at the example of Sea Commercial Port of Ust-Luga
    Maxim Shirokov, General Director, “Ust-Luga Company”
  • Victor Morozov, General Director, Murmansk Commercial Seaport
  • Nikolay Lebedev, President, SC Transas
  • Alexander Metkin, General Director, Tamanneftegas Company

Fleet investment

  • Investment in the programs of fleet renewal, the case of the group of companies “Sovcomflot”
    Nikolay Kolesnikov, First Deputy General Director, Sovcomflot
  • “From Belyana to modern gas carriers” – realization of programs of fleet modernization and renewal
    Gennady Egorov, General Director, Marine Engineering Bureau
  • Investments in construction of modern fleet by the group of companies Palmali
    Yury Isupov, Vice-president, SC Palmali in Moscow

Personnel investment – investment into the future

  • Prospects of realization of target contract programs of water transport enterprises personnel training
    Valery Mineev, Dean, Volga State Academy of Water Transport

10.00 - 12.30

Conference №3
Modern transport infrastructure is the fundament for the State and society development

Moderator: Victor Dosenko, First Vice-President, International Transport Academy
Yury Burylin, Editor-in-chief, Transport of Russia Magazine


  • Legal support of the unity of the transport infrastructure as a project of the "United Russia" Party "Infrastructure in Russia"
    Vladimir Klimenko, First Deputy Chairman of State Duma Committee for Transport
  • On the development strategy for the transport and logistics complex of St.Petersburg city
    Nikolay Asaul, Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Transit Policy of St. Petersburg
  • Insurance - its role and place in the modern system of the transport infrastructure of Russia
    Vitaly Fedorenkov, First Deputy General Director, Rosstra Insurance Company
  • International cooperation in the field of rail transportation, logistics, information exchange between participants of the transportation process of intermodal transport corridor West - East: basic problems and ways of further development
    Gennady Bessonov, General Secretary, Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation
  • The economic demands for high-quality transport services, reducing transport costs in the total cost of goods
    Vitaly Efimov, Chairman, RF CCI Committee on Transport and Forwarding, President of the Union of Transport Workers of Russia
  • Features of implementing investment projects in modern conditions
    Ivan Kuznetsov, General Director, Holding Company Transstroy
  • The role of the information technologies in solving the problems of transport infrastructure development
    Grigory Zhukhovitsky, Chairman of the Board, Joint Venture "Credo-Dialog"
  • Features of development of terminal and warehouse infrastructure in crisis and post-crisis conditions
    Valentin Lesnyak, Director, Moscow Association of Commercial Warehouses
  • International experience of using an automated system of collection of payments on toll roads. German case
    Gunter Ehm, Director of Public Relations, «Satellic Traffic Management GmbH» (Germany)
  • Implementation of transit potential of the CIS countries. Project "Western China - Western Kazakhstan - Western Europe Highway”
    Buri Karimov, Chairman, Intergovernmental Road Council
  • Belkomur project: optimization of the routes of international transport corridors.
    Elman Khudazarov, General Director, Belkomur
  • Innovative development of transport infrastructure as the basis of the implementation of the Transport Strategy of Russia till 2030
  • Oleg Evseev, Director, Scientific Center for Complex Transport Projects of the Ministry of Transport of the RF
  • Financing transport infrastructure projects  
    Sergey Mytarev, Senior Advisor for Investments of the Department of Infrastructure, International Finance Corporation World Bank Group
  • Transport infrastructure  of the XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014
    Oleg Shakhov, General Director, GIPRODORNII Public Corporation
  • Future of the world transport. Overview of state transport strategies
    Vladimir Bugromenko, Expert,  Scientific Center for Complex Transport Projects of the Ministry of Transport of the RF
  • Construction of a new route "Saint-Petersburg - Vologda - Kostroma - Kirov - Kazan - Orenburg" on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan
    Gennady Emelyanov, Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • International transport corridors as a key element of the transport network development


Transfer from the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”  to Renaissance Hotel  Moscow

12.30 – 14.00



Transfer from Renaissance Hotel Moscow to the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”

14.00 – 16.30

Conference №4
Prospects of automobile and urban public transport development

Vladimir Sluzhakov,
Deputy Editor-in-chief, “Russian Newspaper”


  • State policy in the field of automobile and urban public transport development – on the way to establishing civilized service market
    Oleg Starovoytov, Director, Department of State Policy on Automobile and Urban Public Transport
  • Tasks and prospects of international automobile transport
    Andrey Kurushin, General Director, ASMAP
  • Complex approach to implementing transport policy for megalopolises in conditions of  road networks overload
    Vadim Donchenko, General Director, Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport(NIIAT)
  • Innovation within automobile transport: role of science and automobile technologies in completing the tasks of transportation efficiency and safety increase of automobile
    Vladimir Vlasov, Director, SPE Transnavigation
  • Prospects  for the development of passenger buses construction in Russia
    Nikolay Odintsov, Managing Director, Russian Buses – Group GAZ
  • Prospects of transport infrastructure development in the Belgorod region
    Alexey Kuropov, Deputy Head, GI Department for Public Autoroads and Transport of the Belgorod Region
  • Main lines of development of urban public transport in St. Petersburg
    Dmitry Znamensky, Acting Chairman, Transport Committee of St. Petersburg

14.00 – 16.30

Conference № 5
Development of domestic market of air transportation: challenges and opportunities

Oleg Panteleev, Editor-in-Chief at AviaPort newsagency


  • Issues of efficiency of state regulation of public aviation. Interaction of economic agents within the sector.
    Valery Okulov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
    State support of aviation industry under conditions of economic and financial instability
  • State support for the aviation industry in the conditions of economic and financial instability
    Sergey Gavrilov, Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee for Transport
    Interaction between air carriers and credit structures under conditions of financial recourses deficit
  • Aeroflot in the global air cargo traffic market
    Vitaly Saveliev, General Director, Aeroflot Russian Airlines
  • Cooperation between air transportation companies and credit organizations under conditions of financial resources shortage
    Alexander Borodin, General Director, Tolmachevo Airport
  • Pulkovo Airport development project as based on the concept of private-public partnership
    Nikolay Asaul, Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Transit Policy of St. Petersburg
  • Prospects of development of airfield infrastructure of Russian civil aviation
    Andrey Timochkin, General Director, FSUE “Administrations of civil airports (airdromes)” of the Federal Agency for Air Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • Integration of the Russian aviation into the global transport system
    Alexey Isaikin, President, Volga-Dnepr Group
    Modernization of airport infrastructure as an instrument of passenger service quality increase 
  • Trends of establishing and developing hub-airports in the Russian Federation
    Mikhail Vasilenko, General Director, Sheremetyevo International Airport
    Air transportation: markets, competition, alliances, monoplies
  • Prospects of development of air navigation system of the Russian Federation
    Alexander Neradko, Head, Federal Air Navigation Authority of the Ministry of Transport of the RF

14.00 – 16.30

Conference №6
Passanger railway traffic: strategic cooperation of state and business

Moderator:Moderator: Vladimir Zmeyushenko, Editor-in-Chief, Gudok Newspaper


  • State contracts as incentives for competitive development and increase of transport passenger service
    Andrey Nedosekov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • Mikhail Akulov, Vice-President of Russian Railways, General Director of Federal Passenger Board
  • Rail Transport of the RF: problems and incentives for the development of the passenger complex
    Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma of the RF
  • Introducing modern rolling stock as a means for increasing service quality of rail transport
    Andreas Lipp – Sapsan train chief designer, Siemens AG Russia
  • Mechanisms for increasing service quality in the sphere of intermodal passenger rail transportation
    Maxim Liksutov, Chairman of the Board, Transgroup AS
  • Modernization of railway stations as a key element of the passenger complex development
    Sergey Abramov, Head of the Directorate for Railway Stations, Russian Railways
  • Tools for increasing investment attractiveness of the passenger complex
    Dmitry Shusternyak, General Director, Finexpertiza Consulting

16.30 – 17.30

Stand-up reception

November 20, 2009
Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh”, 1 flour

07.30 – 09.00


08.30 – 09.30

“Transport of Russia-2009” Exhibition Tour for the Forum Delegates

09.30 – 10.00

“Transport of Russia-2009” Exhibition Tour for the Official Delegation

10.00– 10.10

Minister of Transport of the RF Igor Levitin

10.10 - 11.50

Plenary session
Transport of Russia. Glance into the future

10.10 - 10.20

Welcoming speech
President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

10.20 - 10.35

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov

10.35 – 10.40

Welcoming words of the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironov (read by Chairman of Committee for natural monopolies of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Ryzhkov)

10.40 – 10.45

Welcome address of Boris V. Gryzlov, Chairman of the State Duma of the RF (read by Sergey Shishkarev, Chairman of the Committee for Transport of the State Duma of the RF)

10.45 – 11.00


Staged presentations:

«Modern trends and prospects for the development of the global transport complex»
Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport of the RF

11.00 – 12.00


«Bytes, Economics, Electrons: Age of the Explosive Opportunities for Transport»
Paul Saffo, Futurist, Professor at Stanford University, Chairman at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Ex-Head of the Institute for the Future

The balance of the three factors (digital revolution, the new creator-centric economy, and the forthcoming transfer from the combustion engine to the electric motors) will allow notable reshape the global transport system. Each of the above factors will impact considerably the global transport, yet the synergy of the three will lead a significant change not just the modes of transport but the vehicles themselves. The result will be unexpected…

12.00 – 13.00


13.15 – 16.30

Panel discussion
(consists of 2 consequent sessions)

13.15 – 15.00

Session I
Increasing the quality of service as a major direction for the transport complex development

  • Technological conditions for increasing the service quality for different transport modes
  • Cooperation between different modes of transport with regard to improving quality of service of freight and passenger transportations
  • What measure can be taken to enhance the convenience of transport?
  • Possibilities for increasing the speed and reliability of transport services
  • Issues of quality management of transport services

Moderator: Peter Marchenko, Channel Expert TV

Participants of the Discussion:

  • Oleg Belozerov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • Giovanni Bisignani, General Director, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Sergey Generalov, CEO and Chairman of the Board, «FESCO» Transport Group
  • Alexey Isaikin, President, Volga- Dnepr Group of Companies
  • Viktor Romashev, Vice President at Rosneft Oil Company
  • Vitaly Saveliev, General Director, Aeroflot – Russian Airlines
  • Sergey Frank, General Director, Sovcomflot
  • Vladimir Yakunin, President, Russian Railways

14.50 – 15.50

Session II
Transport complex as a reflection of the demand formed in the national economy

  • What kind of transport does the future economy require?
  • What are the economic tools to enhance the transport development?
  • The impact of the economic performance on the future of the transport industry: what are the key signs of the influence?

Identifying the minimal costs of the transport component in the total costs of products
The identification process is carried out in the form of voting. The participants of the panel discussion calculate the index during the set period of time independently from each other, and give their comment. In case the results vary significantly, discussion is possible.

Moderator: Peter Marchenko, Channel Expert TV

Participants of the Discussion:

  • Igor Levitin, Minister of Transport of the RF
  • Dominique Bussereau, Secretary of State for Transport and the Sea, the Ministry of Energy, Environment, Sustainable Development and the Sea of France
  • Ruslan Grinberg, Director, Institute of Economics, RAS
  • Anatoly Ballo, Deputy Chairman of the State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)
  • Boris Lapidus, Senior Vice-President, Russian Railways
  • Zhanar Rymzhanova, Senior Banker, EBRD
  • Antonino Fallico, Chairman of the Board of Directors, KMB BANK

16.50 – 18.00

Guest meeting in the State Kremlin Palace

18.00 – 20.30

Gala concert in the State Kremlin Palace
The concert will be broadcasted on November 22, 2009 by the Russia TV Channel at 16:00

20.30 – 23.00

Grand Gala Buffet at State Kremlin Palace
(Admission by invitation only)