I extend greetings to the participants and guests of the International Forum and Exhibition "Transport of Russia".

Year after year, your forum reaffirms its authority and seals its status as a recognised platform, where the most relevant challenges to development of the Russian transport sector and effective exploitation of its vast potential are addressed by top professional experts, where state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions are demonstrated.

I should emphasise that effective operation of all the transport system components is critical for our country and instrumental to the development of its economy and social sector. The most relevant tasks faced by the sector today are to introduce quality improvements to the transport infrastructure, actively implement innovative technologies, focus on creation of big logistics centres, and enhance transport safety and reliability. Naturally, this ambitious and called-for effort should make full use of public-private partnership mechanisms and seek closer collaboration with foreign peers.

I am positive that the proposals and recommendations generated by the Forum will contribute to resolving these problems and will be effectively put into practice.

I wish all of you a rewarding and fruitful experience.

Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to the traditional International Forum and Exhibition "Transport of Russia".

Each year, Transport Week receives more and more publicity as business landmarks for the professional community. The exhibition has become an established platform for showcasing the achievements of the transport industry and cutting-edge technologies developed by Russian engineers and for sharing innovations and best practices with partners, including international corporations. The forum offers an opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues related to further development of the industry, upgrading of Russia's transport system and ways to make it safer.

The government lays considerable emphasis on development of all modes of transport. It is a major factor for timely passenger transport and freight delivery, availability and comfort of public transport services and, ultimately, higher living standards. Today we need to be more proactive in attracting investment into implementing major infrastructure projects, broadening international cooperation and promoting relations between industries and regions.

I anticipate that your meeting will come up with specific proposals and recommendations for supporting resolution of the substantial challenges facing the Russian transport industry.

I wish you every success in your efforts and all the best.

Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

I welcome the participants and guests of the VIII International Forum and Exhibition Transport of Russia.

Over the past years, the Forum has become one of the key sectoral events in the country's business life. It is traditionally attended by heads of federal executive authorities and authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, top managers of Russian and foreign enterprises and well-known transport specialists.

The search for new opportunities and mechanisms for developing Russia's transport system, providing people with equal access to transport services in all parts of the Russian Federation, and enhancing the role of transport in creating and strengthening ties within the Eurasian Economic Union have nowadays acquired particular significance.

I am sure that, during the Forum, the solutions required in practice will be developed and constructive recommendations made, including for further improvement of the legislation.

I wish all the participants in the Forum productive work, interesting discussions, professional success and all the very best.

Valentina Matvienko
Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Dear Colleagues,

Priority development of the transport infrastructure is the key topic of our 2014 event. Highways, railways, shipping lines and the airport network are crucial elements not only of the transport but also the entire Russian economy.

Transport infrastructure development produces a whole range of economic and integration effects: new jobs are created and orders are formed in related branches, such as mechanical engineering and construction. This stimulates aggregate demand.

In order to support transport infrastructure modernisation efforts, the Russian Ministry of Transport is working actively to create mechanisms for attracting private capital and setting up a regulatory and legal framework compliant with the requirements of the state and of our investment partners.

Within the scope of the forum, we will scrutinise aspects of the development of the Russian transport infrastructure and consider all the pros and cons of the numerous business community initiatives related to operation of all the chief means of transport and road facilities.

The discussions to be held at the forum will promote consideration of transport issues with maximum openness and caution and determination of the areas in which we need to intensify and, possibly, adjust the way we work, so that the key transport strategy parameters may be met more quickly and effectively.

I hope for a fruitful dialogue and successful work.

Maxim Sokolov
Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

On behalf of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, I welcome the organisers, participants and guests of the VIII International Forum "Transport of Russia".

The VIII International Forum "Transport of Russia" and the exhibition organised as part of the Forum will undoubtedly attract numerous transport experts, representatives of research centres, councils and institutes.

The Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation, as a federal executive authority, is aware of the importance of the transport sector to the economy of the Russian Federation and supports Russian transport sector professionals in drawing up and analysing state programmes of the Russian Federation, federal target programmes, industry strategies and development plans.

I am certain the Forum will provide excellent opportunities for strengthening inter-industry ties, promote new business contacts and attract potential investors in joint projects for developing the transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation, discuss serious challenges to the development and application of new technologies, and outline ways to address these challenges effectively.

I wish all the participants success and a rewarding experience at the Forum.

Alexey Ulyukayev
Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport, I would like to greet the participants, organisers and guests of the VIII International Forum and Exhibition "Transport of Russia", one of the industry's main events.

Today, FSUE Rosmorport, as a core enterprise of the port sector, sees its mission as being to introduce new technologies, reveal Russia's transit potential and develop the sea tourism industry. All this is becoming possible thanks to creation of modern high-tech transport logistics centres and specialised ports and terminals. Another of the important tasks is to combine the achievements of science, education and business in the interests of modernizing the country's sea transport infrastructure.

Our enterprise is open to partnership relations with innovative, production and investment companies and higher educational institutions in the sector.

The International Forum "Transport of Russia" has already earned itself a reputation as an authoritative platform for professional discussion on the industry's most vital issues. With each passing year, the event is gaining momentum, attracting the attention of a growing number of representatives of the business community and state authorities, experts and foreign guests.

I am sure that our co-operation will promote development of the industry and the national economy as a whole. I wish all of you success to the benefit of Russia!

Andrey Tarasenko
General Director
FSUE Rosmorport