Official Addresses

Dmitry Medvedev

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Dear friends,

Welcome to the annual International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”.

The transport industry is one of the key sectors of the economy and is a defining factor in sustainable development. Its precise and uninterrupted operations have a direct bearing on the security of the state and the level of industrial potential and the social sphere, and hence on the quality of life of millions of people.

Today it is important to engage systematically and consistently in modernising the transport infrastructure, while actively applying innovative technologies. We need to make it a priority to deepen cooperation within the framework of the Customs Union and the integration processes in the Eurasian economic area. And finally, our first priority should always be the safety of all types of transport.

I expect that during this meeting you will discuss global experience in this field, you will exchange promising ideas, and you will map out ways of addressing many important issues. And your recommendations will serve to strengthen the industry’s competitiveness in the global transport services market.

I wish you fruitful work and all the very best.

Dmitry Medvedev

Valentina Matvienko

Chair of the Federation Council

On behalf of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly and on my own behalf, I would like to welcome the participants in and visitors to the 7th International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”.

Transport is what effectively connects the components of this country’s socioeconomic system. Russian regions rely to a great extent on the situation in the transport complex for their development.

Solid state support for the transport sector, including its strong financial backing, is both essential and warranted. Yet it is apparent that the federal budget and the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation alone are not enough to create promptly a transport infrastructure that will meet the requirements of the Russian economy.

The requirements of the sector can only be fully satisfied if private investment in transport projects is encouraged. The existing regulatory framework must ensure a balance of the interests of the government and private investors and guarantee that private investments are recoverable and profitable.

I hope the forum will feature an in-depth discussion of ways to promote investment in the transport sector, whereas the proposals outlined during the panels will take the engagement between the government and business to a whole new level. The outcome of the forum will provide a powerful impetus to the investment processes currently under way within the Russian transport infrastructure.

I wish you all fruitful work, memorable discussions and success in achieving your goals.

Valentina Matvienko

Sergey Naryshkin

Chairman of the State Duma

I would like to welcome organisers, participants and guests to the VII International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”, which will be attended by prominent experts in the transport sector as well as the heads of the relevant Russian and foreign ministries and departments.

The scope of the discussions that take place at the Forum and their professional nature help us to get to the core of the work that is under way in the transport industry and identify priority areas for its future development. One of the more obvious areas is attracting investment to large-scale infrastructure projects to Russia, which is reflected in the Forum agenda.

I am confident that the recommendations and suggestions that will come as a result of this Forum will be exactly what we have been looking for in practice. 

I wish you success and all the very best.

Sergey Naryshkin

Maksim Sokolov, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

Dear participants of the 7th Annual International Forum and Exhibition "Transport of Russia",

This year we will talk about ways of attracting investments to the transport sector. This is a critical challenge not only for us, but also for the international transport community. The OECD estimates that global GDP will double by 2030, resulting in a higher international trade turnover and leading to an increase in demand for transport services.

In these circumstances, it is clear that to meet the transport needs of the global economy - a considerable infrastructure and investment boost is needed that would increase the capacity of the international transport corridors and improve communication between cities and metropolitan areas.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is actively implementing policy changes in this regard. In accordance with our country’s updated Transport Strategy, we planned a wide range of activities aimed at improving the quality of public transport services, as well as at the construction and modernisation of transport infrastructure.

These plans mainly deal with the reconstruction of BAM (the Baikalo-Amurskaya line) and the Trans-Siberian Railway, the development of high-speed lines, the construction of modern roads, the strengthening of maritime and river transport infrastructure, and improvements in inter-regional air travel.
I am confident that the International Forum “Transport of Russia” and Exhibition will serve as an additional incentive for both public and private sectors to deliver these vital goals.

I would like to wish all of you a week of productive work and useful discussions!

Maksim Sokolov

 Andrey Tarasenko

General Director FSUE Rosmorport

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of FSUE Rosmorport, I would like to welcome you to the VII International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia” 2013.

The current evolution and modernisation of the transport infrastructure is a key factor for the dynamic development and economic security of the country. As one of the key events in the transport industry, the “Transport of Russia” International Forum brings representatives of industry, business and government together to work towards updating the transport infrastructure.  

The business programme of the Forum gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their latest achievements in the transport sector and take part in round table discussions, relevant business meetings and presentations.

I am sure that the Forum will lead to the strengthening of business ties, the growth of multilateral investment activity and, as a result, the development and modernisation of the transport industry.  

I hope the Forum proves productive for everybody involved!

Andrey Tarasenko