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“Marine Transportation Industry Average Growth per Year is 4–8 %”, Evgeny Ditrich

On November 19, during the Forum “Transport of Russia” an industry-specific conference “Marine Ports are a Driver of the Country Economic Development” has been carried out. The event organizer is the Federal Agency for Maritime And River Transport.

During the conference Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ditrich and Aide to the President Igor Levitin welcomed the participants.

Evgeny Ditrich highlighted in his speech that marine shipping is the largest freight traffic type in the country and that up to 60 % of Russian goods traffic goes through ports. Moreover, marine transportation has a considerable growth rate: its average number is 4 to 8 % per year. For the last 5 years cargo turnover in marine ports has increased by 1.4 times up to 817 million tons; at the same time the marine ports’ capacity has increased by 213 million tons and amounted to over 1 billion tons in 2018.

Igor Levitin also acknowledged marine transport importance. The Aide to the President has mentioned that he often brings forward marine goods traffic development statistics: in the time of the USSR (considering the Soviet Union comprised of 16 republics) marine goods traffic amounted to 420 million tons, and in modern Russia it is over 900 million.

The following transport sector representatives took part in the conference: Director of the Department for AIC Market Regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Maxim Titov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Yuriy Tsvetkov, Deputy Managing Director of JSC Russian Railways Alexey Shilo, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of PAO NOVATEK Eduard Gudkov, Chairman of the Board of InfraONE Albert Yeganyan.

Yuriy Tsvetkov has mentioned that the President of the Russian Federation has referred to port capacity increase as to one of the national objectives for the period up to 2024. The Comprehensive Plan for Updating and Expanding Main Infrastructure through 2024 (CPUI) includes projects on marine port development for over 330 million tons in total. The Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation considers this objective to be complicated by feasible.

The Baltic, Far Eastern and Azov-Black Sea basins are of the main priority in terms of port infrastructure capacity increase. The Arctic basin is still an important development direction: a target to increase cargo transportation capacity through the Northern Sea Route up to 80 million tons has been set up. This will take a corresponding infrastructure development.

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