About Transport Week

Transport Week is an annual business event, held in accordance with the order of the Government of Russian Federation, which includes a series of nationwide and international activities dedicated to the transport industry. It has been hosted for the past twelve years by the Russian Ministry of Transport, with organizational support from Business Dialogue. The event promotes open discussion of the most pressing transport issues and the strengthening of mutual understanding between representatives of the government and the business community. 

Today kicks off Transport Week, which includes the following set of activities:

  • 13th International Forum and Exhibition Transport of Russia
  • Meetings of intergovernmental group to discuss collaboration in the field of transport
  • The International Congress “ROAD TRAFFIC RUSSIA – 2019”
  • The TranspART all-Russia festival for transport universities students,
  • 11th All-Russia sports festival for transport universities students
  • 6th National Award for transport achievements “Traffic Formula”
  • Forum «Transport education and science 2019»

Of the multitude of events that occur during Transport Week, the Forum and Exhibition "Transport of Russia" remain key events.  The forum includes conferences devoted to the development and functionality of road, air, rail, sea, and river transport. The exhibition, in turn, demonstrates the latest developments and innovations within the transport industry. The content of these events largely determines the direction of future developments within the transport sector.

The Transport of Russia Forum and Exhibition is annually attended by over 9000 people. There are more than 12000 participants in Transport Week.

The scope and format of the event, the number of people who participate in it, and the strategically important documents that are signed during it, speak to the fact that Transport Week is deservedly considered one of the largest international industry events.