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Sberbank Shared its Vision on Digital Technologies Potential to Change Transport Sector

On November 19, during the Forum “Transport of Russia” a session “Development of Digital Infrastructure” organized by PJSC Sberbank has been carried out.

The bank representatives have discussed with business leaders their vision on digital technologies implementation into transport sector. One of the main discussion topics was development of services for selling of a single travel document uniting several types of transport, as well as of associated services. The panelists see the solution in transport services market players cooperation aimed at providing comprehensive service to the passengers.

Moreover, artificial intelligence usage in passenger transport was discussed during the session. Its application range within the transport sector is wide: monitoring, traffic handling means control, data analysis, including predictive analytics.

Special attention was paid to a so-called multimodal service as an example of digital technologies implemented into a transport sector. The multimodal service allows planning, booking and paying for passenger transportation with several types of transport and additional services via a single interface and, as a prospective, execute travels with a single ticket. For example, such service is already proposed by Russian Railways company.

Travel fare system evolution has also been discussed during the conference. The experts have identified the main issues of the current system including the following: high operation cost, lack of global standards, high fraud risks, complicated tariff schedules and, the most often one, long queues during rush hours. Most of these issues shall be solved by another example of digital technology usage: a contactless payment via a plastic card or a mobile phone. But such payment scheme is not always applicable, and to solve this the experts consider establishing partnership networks between technological, financial and transport companies.

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