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Final Plenary Discussion of Forum “Transport of Russia”

On November 21, Forum “Transport of Russia” was concluded by the Final Plenary Discussion which was attended by senior executives of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Participants of the session summarized results of the Forum and Exhibition and expressed tasks of the transport complex for the next year.

During plenary discussion, speeches were delivered by Deputy Ministers of Transport of the Russian Federation Nikolay Zahryapin, Dmitry Zverev, Alexey Semyonov, Vladimir Tokarev, Yury Tsvetkov, and Aleksandr Yurchik, as well as First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Innokenty Alafinov. The experts summarized results of venues regarding the development of the main transportation modes which took place within the framework of Forum “Transport of Russia”. Also, representatives of the Russia’s Ministry of Transport management described tasks of the transport complex for the next year having pointed out high rates of the expiring year.

While speaking about achievements in the industry, Alexey Semyonov highlighted “ERA-GLONASS” project as being an important stage of Russian digital technology development: “It should not be left unnoticed that “ERA-GLONASS” system is the first emergency response system for accidents which was created in the Russian Federation and has surpassed all existing alternatives”, Alexey Semyonov emphasized.

Vladimir Tokarev presented results of work on improvement of legal and regulatory framework in transport industry. In his words, 1228 outdated regulatory documents were canceled.

Yury Tsvetkov shared success of the maritime transport industry: “For the last few years, transshipment rates via Russian port exceed growth rates of the Russian economy several times”.

After that, the discussion was joined by First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Innokenty Alafinov. He brought up an urgent topic of industry vocational training and spoke about issues of allocation of state-funded places in transport universities and competition with major metropolitan universities.

After Alafinov’s speech, the floor was taken by his colleague, Nikolay Zahryapin. He described his point of view on the issues of passenger transport safety and counteraction to unmanned aerial vehicles. Aleksandr Yurchik brought up his familiar topic of aviation and informed about projects planned for the next year.

The venue was concluded by Dmitry Zverev. He briefly explained principle of the “regulatory guillotine” being developed and envisaging massive analysis and review of existing legal and regulatory laws. Zverev also spoke about impressive extent of international cooperation within the Forum framework. “More than three hundred of foreign guests, more than forty countries, and seven international organizations took part in the event, more than twenty meetings and bilateral negotiations were organized for heads of transport agencies, and several important agreements were signed”, the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation summarized.

Before the discussion began, annual award ceremony for winners of the National Award for achievements in transport industry and transport infrastructure “Formula of Movement” was held. In total 10 companies who have won in 7 nominations received the awards. The awards were presented by the plenary discussion moderator and award jury chairman – Mikhail Blinkin, Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Head of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy of the NRU Higher School of Economics. “So many worthy candidates were presented in all nominations, worthy to such extent that until the last minute I didn’t know who will win”, Mikhail Blinkin said.

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