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Award Ceremony for Winners of the National Award “Formula of Movement”

Award ceremony “Formula of Movement” was held yesterday The winners received their prize figurines from jury chairman – Head of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy, Professor Mikhail Blinkin. The event was attended by Deputy Ministers of Transport of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zverev, Nikolay Zahryapin, Alexey Semyonov, Vladimir Tokarev, Yury Tsvetkov, and Aleksandr Yurchik.

Two participants at once won in nomination “Best Infrastructure Project”. JSC Vostochny Port with its project for start of the third plant at the specialized coal complex in Vostochny seaport. Service Director for Port and Railway Projects of OJSC Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, Irina Olkhovskaya, took the prize on behalf of the company. And MC Airports of Regions for new international Gagarin airport; the prize figurine was given to the Strategy Communications Department Manager of MC Airports of Regions, Alina Sementcheva.

Transportnaya Kontsessionnaya Kompaniya, LLC represented by Director, Sergey Okutin, was awarded in nomination “Best Solution in Passenger Logistics” for its “Chizhik” project of comprehensive reconstruction and operation of tram lines in Krasnogvardeysky district of Saint-Petersburg.

Director General of JSC RZD Logistics, Vyacheslav Valentik, took the prize in nomination “Best Solution in Cargo Logistics” for “Agroexpress” project of export of Russian goods to China by railway.

PC Transport Systems, LLC represented by the company Media Office Manager, Irina Schepina, took the prize in nomination “Best Innovative Solution in Transport Equipment” for project of innovative low-floor triple-section tram “Vityaz-M” for Moscow.

Nomination “Best Solution in Transport Digitalization” also had two winners: JSC GLONASS for expansion of “ERA GLONASS” system operation zone from Russia to Eurasia; the prize figurine was received by Deputy Director General of JSC GLONASS, Ilya Akselrod. The Federal Road Agency was also awarded in this nomination for operational control system for national project “Safe and Quality Automobile Roads” based on Etalon OCS platform. The project was implemented by the Federal Road Agency with participation of FSBI Informavtodor and Siberian Integration Systems, LLC (developer of Etalon operational control system). The prize was awarded to the Head of Scientific and Technical Research Management and Information Support of the Federal Road Agency, Aleksandr Kamenskikh.

Nomination “Best PR Activity of This Year” also had two winners: UA Moscow Metro for loyalty program “Gorod-Troika” (the prize was taken by the First Deputy Head of Revenue Collection Service for Mobile and Ticket Solutions of UA Moscow Metro, Zhanna Yermolina), and SC Avtodor for promotion of M-11 speedway “Moscow – Saint-Petersburg” jointly with media and survey project “Car of the Year in Russia”. The prize was awarded to the Head of Media Office of SC Avtodor, Tatyana Schadrina.

Special prize of the year “Unique Technological Solutions and Pace of Construction” was awarded for project of Delo Group of Companies – construction of deep-water quay No. 38 at NUTEP container terminal in Novorossiysk, the prize was taken by Director General of Delo Management Company, LLC, Igor Yakovenko.

Executive Directorate of award “Formula of Movement” congratulates all winners and is looking forward to new applications for the next year.

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