ICAO Regional Conference on Aviation Security

21–22 November 2011, the Savoy Hotel

The 37th session of the ICAO Assembly in 2010 unanimously adopted the Declaration on Aviation Security, which emphasises the exceptional importance of global aviation security and notes the deep commitment of states to the cause of strengthening aviation security on the basis of expanding international cooperation.

Drawn up on the basis of a number of ministerial-level regional conferences which took place in 2010, the Declaration defines the key types of activity which require active and collective action by states.

Recognising that effective implementation of the Declaration on Security can be achieved by means of strengthening cooperation at the regional level, the ICAO, together with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, is holding a Regional Conference on Aviation Security, devoted to discussion of the ICAO Declaration on Aviation Security. The main aim of this conference is to examine current and planned activity after this ICAO Assembly.

Papers will be presented by internationally recognised aviation security specialists from states, the ICAO and international organisations.


  1. Progress in implementing the aviation security-related resolutions of the 37th session of the ICAO Assembly and the Declaration on Aviation Security
    States will present current reports on actions that have been undertaken and are being implemented and planned that are aimed at implementing the Declaration on Aviation Security adopted by the 37th ICAO Assembly in October 2010.
  2. Implementation of the Assembly’s Declaration: challenges and opportunities
    The participants will define and discuss the challenges and opportunities related to implementation of the Assembly’s Declaration.
  3. Future actions to implement the Assembly’s Declaration
    The participants will examine future actions that are necessary in order to fulfil the primary objectives and address the most important issues in aviation security in the light of the Assembly’s Declaration.
  4. Adoption of a joint statement
    The conference will be invited to adopt a joint statement confirming the states’ commitment to implementing the Assembly’s Declaration and implementing the existing regional action plans.